Shapers 2007 – 2013

20.  Rev. Fr. M.S. John  Bosco  – Renovator of  Petit Seminaire (June 2007 to May 2013)

     Rev. Fr. M.S. John  Bosco took change of the office of principal in June 2007. His prime concern was the safety of our students in the century old buildings. The main building was demolished  and the new St. Joseph’s block with 15 spacious class rooms was constructed and inaugurated on 4th July 2008. The jail section of the old building was demolished in October 2008 and three storey building was constructed. Each floor is comprising of one laboratory, demonstration lab and staff cabin. The laboratory complex was  inaugurated on 4.3.2009. The office wing of the old building was demolished in august 2009 and the new office building comprising of the chamber of the Principal, Vice Principal, Office, Staff room, computer laboratory and two classrooms were inaugurated on 20.01.2010. A toilet complex with 20 new toilets was constructed during this time.

     Quiz department was added to the facility of Petit Seminaire. Students won prizes  in the state level and national level quiz competition. Staff retreat in different pilgrimage centres and staff tour were the regular features in his regime. A staff residential building with 20 houses was constructed in his time. Homeless class IV staff working in Petit Seminaire and Arch Bishop`s house got benefited by this.

     Father has paid attention to the slow learners and improved the pass percentage in 10th Govt. exam. Achieved 100% pass with state ranks in the board exam. A good number of boys got admission in MBBS and other professional courses. Father had concern for under privileged and weaker sections of the society and contributed a large sum of money for their welfare. During his tenure VI pay commission pay scales were implemented to the eligible staff.

     Rev. Fr. relieved his office and left Petit Seminaire relinquishing his responsibilities on Fr. P. Arulnathan on June 10, 2013.