Shapers 1972 – 1984

14. Fr. P. JEGARAJ ( 1972 – 73)

Fr.Jegaraj was born on December 13, 1941 at Aarani and his parents were Mr.Periyanayagasamy and Mrs Pushpa Gandhi ammal. He had his seminary formation during 1958 to 67 both at Cuddalore and Bangalore and he was ordained priest on
December 23, 1967.

Fr.Jegaraj came to Petit Seminaire in June 1972. He was hardly given any time to prove his mettle. The horse was changed again in midstream in January 1973 under the painful circumstances.

He moved to Tindivanam and the to Karaikal as Headmaster of St.Mary’s High School in June 1974 and after serving there for 10 years he went to Fatima Higher Secondary School, Muthialpet in 1984 and in 1993 he moved to Our Lady of Boys’ High School, Villianur and served in the same school till a painful accident invalidated him in December 1999. After the recovery of his health he stays at visitation convent, Aryankuppam as chaplain.

15. Fr. M. PETER (1981 – 84)

Fr.M.Peter was born on June 26, 1924 at Rayapuram, Madras to Mr.Mariasusai and Mrs.Susaikannuammal. He had his seminary formation both at Cuddalore and Bangalore and was ordained priest on December 8, 1954.

He served as correspondent of St.Anne’s Higher Secondary School, Tindivanam for two years 1957 – 1959 then he moved to US for studies. For a long twenty years from 1961 to 1981 he was principal of St.Joseph’s Higher Secondary School, Cuddalore 1.

He came to Petit Seminaire as principal in June 1981. His engaging smile and soft spoken ‘Thanbi’ and steady X-ray like see through stare endeared him to one and all in Petit Seminaire. He made the morning assembly more prayerful with different songs each day and the acclamation ‘Praise the Lord’ that sent raptures through the young ones.

He introduced the talent search competitions to develop the diverse skills of students. The Petit Seminaire hitherto had classes only from 1 to 12 and Fr.Peter.M started the KG classes and lady teachers were inducted for the first time to handle these K.G.classes.

Then he moved to Christ the King Parish, Villupuram in 1985, and in 1988 to Good Shepherd seminary, Coimbatore as spiritual director. Since March 1995 he is enjoying his retired life at Emmaus house, Colas Nagar, Pondicherry.