NCC Army Wing

NCC – Army Wing

61 cadets enrolled themselves in NCC (Army Wing) for the year 2004-06. Sergeant P. Sabhariswaran attended Republic Day camp at Chidambaram in August 2004.

Our cadet corporal G. Augustine Dominic Savio got the unique honour to interact with the Hon’ble President of India during his visit to Pondicherry in Nov.2004.

Cadet Seargent P. Sabhariswaran was selected as the best cadet for the year 2004-05 by NCC headquarters and was given a cash prize of Rs.3000/- and this is the second time Petit Seminaire is bestowed with the honour of getting such a meritorious award.

SERGEANT Gaurav Kapoor Regiment No: PY/JD/51919/1999-2002/ was awarded the following titles.
i. “Best Junior Division Cadet award of the unit” on 29th November 2000.
ii. “Best Cadet award of Junior Division of Pondicherry for the year 2000 on 25.8.2000.
iii. “Best Cadet award of Junior Division of Pondicherry for the year 2001 on 20.9.2001
iv. “Best Firer award” (Junior Division) for the year 2001.
v. “Chief Minister’s Gold Medal” for his distinguished performance” during independence day for the year 2002 on 15.8.2002.

SERGEANT Vijaya Ragavendiran Regiment No: PY/JD/51988/2001-2003/ was awarded “Best Cadet award – II prize “ of Pondicherry and also won cash award of Rs.2000 for the year 2002-2003.

SERGEANT P. Sabhariswaran Regiment No: PY/JD/51973/2002-2005/ was awarded. “Best Cadet award “ for the year 2004-2005 and also won the cash award of Rs. 3000.

Two Annual training camps were conducted one in June 2007 and another in September 2007 and 21 cadets participated and successfully completed the training.

Cdt. R.Vignesh received the second prize in the firing competition in which 232 cadets took part.
Cdt. D.Predosh and Sgt. R.Ramprakash received first and second prizes in the firing competition held during January 2008.

Sgt. Siddarth J Thampi, with 3 years of experience in NCC, now got elevated as Quarter Master Sear Gent which is the second highest position in Puducherry NCC battalion.